The most expensive caviar in the world

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The most expensive caviar in the world

The most expensive caviar in the world is Almas, which is produced by the albino beluga in the Caspian Sea. This caviar has a golden amber hue, which makes it look like real gold.

 The delicacy is mined in very few places in the world, for example, in Iran and Austria.

The albino beluga is a large sturgeon fish that spawns once every 100 years, so the cost of the product can reach $ 10 000 per pound. In Europe, no more than 22 lb of golden caviar are mined per year, and the line for purchase is formed for many years to come.

The most expensive caviar in the world In the wild, albino belugas are extremely rare. Often the priceless fish are bred artificially at rates using genetic engineering. 

The older the fish, the lighter and more valuable the caviar. Beluga can reach 13-16 meters in length and weigh about 1 ton. Individuals weighing 700-800 lb are more common. The weight of caviar is one tenth of the volume of fish.

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The word "Almas" in translation means diamond. The caviar has a light fresh aroma, incomparable taste, the absence of a characteristic fishy smell and a long almond aftertaste have elevated golden caviar to the rank of the most expensive delicacies in the world.

Albino beluga eggs are divided into several varieties, depending on the color: 0 - the darkest (Darkest), 00 - medium (Medium tone), 000 - the lightest (Lightest). The most expensive varieties go to London's Caviar House.